Alternate Fracture Repair

Submitted Project Paper at Harvard University, USA Course: Promises of Regenerative Medicine, 2017. Under the guidance of Dr. Maurizio Fazio me and my partner Anna Ashford submitted a research paper on “Alternate Fracture Repair” an alternate way for fracture healing to Harvard University Professors.

shRNA Cloning Using Lentiviral Vectors

Under the guidance of Dr. Akhil Chandra Banerjea ( an Indian virologist and an Emeritus Scientist at the National Institute of Immunology, India. He is known for his studies on viral pathogenesis and gene therapy, ) I worked on the project “ shRNA Cloning Using Lentiviral Vectors” during internship at National Institute of Immunology in June 2018.

Origyn IVF Centre

Interned under Dr. Rashmi Sharma at Origyn IVF centre, Max hospital Pitampura. The training included in depth explanation of various techniques including ICSI , OPU etc involved in the IVF process and observation of the same.


In 2016 July I had the opportunity to go to Brown University for Summer School Program for the course “A Grand Tour of Our Solar System: Up Close and Personal”. Under the guidance of Erica me and my team designed an orbiter mission to Jupiter’s moon Titan.